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The ideal

This project has been on for several years. I proposed to woman from different cities of Belarus choose an image that represent her ideal look, the picture they associate with themselves. It could be a celebrity or occasional photo from the fashion magazine. "Who of them lives inside of you? Who of them do you like?" We've started to make the portrait after the phrase "Yes, it's I". The gallery of these looks seems to me as a brave jorney to the border between real & unreal, the clear story about the ambiguity of the concept of "beauty".

The note made by participant
"My ideal, my prototype, the image that I want to identify myself, feeling that it is I, but sometimes I'm not here and now. I'm somewhere else, while in other life - bright and beautiful, somewhere far away, not here and not with me. At one moment we're together... as harmony, reality, beauty, eternity." TAMARA