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Look at our fashion story! «Le Petit Prince» is published in #USA -@ellementsmagazine, #November #issue#nyc. The story inspired by Eugene's early childhood memories directed him to a pleasant and mysterious spirit of his grandmother's house. The house is lost in the heart of Belarus. Eugen's grandmother has recently died, so he dedicated the project to her. We hope you would appreciate it.
Full video backstage look here http://kanaplevleydik.com/blog 
Concept & Photography - KANAPLEVLEYDIK (Eugene Kanaplev + Julia Leydik) @kanaplev_leydik
Model - Yan Prokapovich - mother agency Tann @yprakapovich
Stylist - Yulia Ivanova @ivanovkin
Makeup Artist - Kate Euphoria @kajforia
Hair Styles - Anton Alekseev @ ketzal_coatl